We have curated this tour so that you may visit several small and rural towns within northern San Luis Obispo County. Additionally, this adventure also takes you through mostly unknown areas as you travel between populations. This diverse sightseeing route will lead you through downtowns, on Main Streets and to other local scenic highlights. Buckle up and get ready to visit Paso Robles, Templeton, Atascadero, Santa Margarita, Shandon and Creston.

We also offer a shorter, abbreviated version of the Small Town Tour that excludes the “Shandon Loop.” This is the half-day tour option.

San Luis Obispo County, CA

This is a fun filled adventure through the northern region of San Luis Obispo County. Enjoy the character and beauty of our small towns and communities as you joyride through the backcountry roads.

Beginning in our hometown of Paso Robles, you will see Paso’s downtown and the many streets lined with restaurants and shops. Paso Robles is known for its abundance of wineries, fruit and nut orchards, and for hosting the annual California Mid-State Fair.

Nestled between Paso Robles and Templeton is a unique area known as Tin City. This tour would not be complete without a jaunt through this thriving marketplace filled with boutique and craft goods offered by local artisans. Enjoy the appealing purpose built industrial architecture that lends itself to Tin City.

The southern neighboring community of Templeton is coming next. Templeton is home to many agriculture and ranching businesses, and is emerging as a world class wine producer. This small town is located within the former Rancho Paso de Robles Mexican land grant dating back to 1886. Enjoy the feel of the old west as you travel down Main Street.

Continuing southbound takes the tour to Atascadero. Founded in 1913, Atascadero was designed as a utopian, planned colony. The area was then surveyed, subdivided and developed. The town’s centerpiece is the Italian Renaissance-style architecture of city hall and the nearby central park, known as the Sunken Gardens.

Traveling further southbound on El Camino Real, you will arrive in Santa Margarita. This small town has centuries of history. In 1889, the Southern Pacific Railroad arrived in Santa Margarita, creating a boom time economy for the growing community. Today, Santa Margarita is a quiet town visited and passed through by many.

Next up, “Shandon Loop”: Get ready for a scenic and thrilling drive to Shandon. Traveling northeast on the curvy highway, then on a canyon backroad into open plains where wildflowers seasonally bloom, we named the “Shandon Loop.” Although Shandon is quiet and quaint, the roads to and from are friendly and wild. A small rural population sits amongst agriculture and vineyards. Part of the Shandon Loop is a visit to Chapel Hill. If you are up for it, then take the short but brisk hike up the small vineyard lined trail to the chapel atop the hill. Take your camera because the views are astounding. The “Shandon Loop” portion of the Small Town Tour adventure is an optional part of the tour. The full-day tour option includes the “Shandon Loop”. Please inquire for further details and advisable options.

Creston is the final small town on this adventure tour. This small ranching community was founded in 1884 on the Rancho Huerhuero Mexican land grant. If you passed up the opportunity for lunch earlier, then be sure to stop in Creston. The final segment of this tour will take you through the scenic back roads of Paso’s eastern vineyards. We hope you enjoy visiting our small towns that are here to give you big memories.


Spectacular trails.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★  3/22/2019 • Daniel N. – Lucerne Valley, CA

Extremely well-maintained vehicles. Friendly and outgoing service – Ben was awesome! I run Jeeps back east and I can tell you that this is a fantastic way to spend a few hours exploring the desert. You will not be disappointed.

What to Bring

To get the most enjoyment out of your ride, we suggest you wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Every person is required to wear a helmet and sunglasses are recommended. A DOT-approved helmet is provided to borrow during your rental period. A valid driver’s license is required for all drivers – NO EXCEPTIONS! Credit or debit card is required for payment and security deposit.

It is highly recommended to also bring a hat, sunblock and additional layers of clothing. We do provide some complimentary water and refreshments, but it’s always a good idea to bring additional water and snacks. Make sure to bring your camera to capture all of the epic moments!

Safety & Sustainability

Polaris Adventures focuses on the safety of every rider, from vehicle overviews and training before every ride to a modern check out process – our outfitters are there to make sure you have a safe, memorable, adventure.

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Small Town Tour

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Full-Day: Starts at $349*

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Type: Self-Guided GPS Tour Rental

Half-Day: Approx. 3-4 hours (self-paced) and 75 miles.

Full-Day: Approx. 3-5 hours (self-paced) and 115 miles.

Open: 7 days a week

Includes: Helmet and Fuel

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